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Gary Zerola
Aggressive Criminal Defense - Never Stand Alone


Attorney Zerola is a legal genius. I have seen him do amazing things with cases that look hopeless.
- R.M.

Great lawyer, even better person. I always highly recommend Gary to anyone in need of legal assistance. Only lawyer I´ve ever had that really cared. I am privileged to be able to call him my friend.
- R.M.

Great lawyer and friend, I recommend this man highly to anyone who is in need of legal assistance.
- P.W.

Gary Zerola is by far one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the country. He will do whatever it takes to get to the truth in all his cases. and researches each & every case individually. He puts so much time and effort into all cases , no matter how big or small, and personally cares about all his clients. His presentations are remarkable, I highly recommend him.
- S.C.

Best lawyer ever- smart, courageous, respected, hard working, responsive, and all at a reasonable cost. He cares.
- M.P.

Great Attorney who knows his stuff & is well respected. Would recommend him to anyone in a heart beat.
- J.A.

I only have good and positive things to say about Mr. Zerola. He will fight for your justice. He will not let you down. I highly recommend Mr. Zerola!
- J.B.G.

Best lawyer you could ever ask for!!!
- S.A.

... his knowledge of the law and dedication to his clients are the essence of his being and unparalleled. He sets out to win every case as though his own freedoms depends on it.
- J.S.

He is a GREAT LAWYER!!! Gary´s positive attitude makes his clients feel very comfortable. He reassures them not to worry. Very professional, and also a down to earth guy.
- A.T.C.

One of the reasons he has such a high success rate is that he takes into account everything that encompasses his client´s life. He goes well above and beyond. When you or your loved one are fighting for your freedom DO NOT waste precious time....... Call Attorney Gary Zerola.
- R.M.

Honorable, Skilled & Trustworthy Attorney
- J.P.

Zerola was responsive, aggressive, professional, caring & passionate. He was knowledgeable, kind, & comforting, and argued my innocence with passion to the jury. Shortly after the jury went to deliberate, they returned with a verdict of not guilty. I made the right decision. Zerola is an excellent and skilled attorney who I would recommend without reservation.
- J.

He made me quite proud to have a clear, well spoken and articulate lawyer. His presence in the courtroom seems to draw a lot of attention & admiration from other attorneys. He returned all correspondence within an hour by text, email or phone. I would recommend Mr. Zerola to anyone
- E.

Mr. Zerola was absolutely worth the investment. Thanks to him I was able to graduate college and get a great job instead of spending time in jail for false allegations. If need a lawyer who is willing to fight for your freedom - call Gary Zerola.
- L.M.

By far the best lawyer out there. No one knows more or comes to court better prepared than Gary. He´s a great lawyer and even a better person. I would recommend him to anybody and everybody who ever needs legal help.
- K.M.

Compassionate, Caring, skilled ....dedicated to justice.
- J.L.L

Gary is a true friend and the best defense lawyer ever!
- G.P.

Gary Zerola, you are THE MAN! I can´t even express how thankful and appreciative I am for all you have done for me, my friend!
- T.H.

The right lawyer makes all the difference. Gary Zerola is the right lawyer.
- R.C.

Get me Zerola!!! Gary Zerola has been representing my family for 3 generations. He is an exceptional lawyer, who never gives up and because of that, never disappoints. Gary has many years of experience in as a criminal defense attorney and has represented multiple family members of mine in both felony and misdemeanor cases. Every single case ended up getting thrown out or dismissed. I would recommend Gary to anyone, including my close friends and family. You can’t go wrong with hiring Zerola. He is simply the best in Massachusetts.
- Alex A.

Gary Zerola made a miracle happen for my son! I hired Gary after I believed that the first attorney I had was mishandling my son’s case. He never returned calls and was always late to court. Once I hired Gary everything changed. Gary Zeorla was and remained an incredibly responsive, dependable, dedicated and knowledgeable professional, and he communicated with me and my son honestly, clearly, and often.

In spite of the original mishandling of my son’s case during the preliminary phase of the case, and facing multiple long-term prison sentences for all of the charges, Gary got my son a second chance in life and saved him from serving a long term in jail! Gary promised only to try his best, and he did way more than he promised and more than we ever expected!!! He is the BEST!!! Highly recommended!!!
- M.M.

Last November and December were two of the most stressful months of my life and it had nothing to do with the holidays. The walls were closing in on me because of my criminal case and my former (disrespectful) defense attorney threw his hands up in the midst of the chaos and told me to plead guilty, something he said he would never do. Luckily, a family friend put me in touch with a prominent lawyer in Salem, MA. That lawyer immediately took stock of the situation and worked immediately to link me up with someone he described as a much more competent defense attorney in a matter of hours I was meeting with Gary Zerola. As you, the reader of this review, unfortunately understand; interactions with the criminal justice system can prove unimaginably stressful, scary and disorienting. I implore you to consider speaking to Gary Zerola and realize in your heart he can be your north star, as you navigate your terrible journey through the so-called justice system. Gary Zerola is shrewd, responsible, dependable personable, gifted and full of heart. Gary has a HUGE heart and has empathy and compassion and as he was with me, will be incredibly sensitive to what you are going through. Gary rapidly took on my problem after reviewing his current caseload to make sure he could spend the time and give my matter the attention it needed. Without Gary’s guidance, reassurance and compassion I would be completely lost amidst this legal shit storm. I hope you the reader can appreciate the deep sense of gratitude and appreciation that comes forth from reading this review I have taken the time to write, and I hope it encourages you to give Gary a call. Attorney Gary Zerola literally saved the day, in ways I couldn’t have imagined at the time I first met him. Thank you, Gary, for empowering me and returning to me my future.
- Linda S.

I was told Boston Attorney Gary Zerola was the best — and he was. I was falsely accused of rape by a woman with a history of legal claims and hidden from public view, a tragic history of mental health problems as use of psychotic drugs. Gary and his team listened intently, formed a strategy and took action. It was obvious to me that Gary believed me and that he cared about the truth. Gary made me feel I was in good hands the whole way and although I had many sleepless nights worried about the outcome, this very serious legal matter was resolved in my favor. Unfortunately, people are taking advantage of the rightfully more-aware times we are experiencing. It is hard for police and the DAs to understand the nature of these cases, particularly when people lie for gain or attention. We need much more effective advocates like Gary Zerola to make sure justice is served. I feel bad for anyone who cannot afford the very best the legal profession has to offer – in the matters of defending yourself against false claims of crimes you didn’t commit, Gary is simply the best.
- Blake

Like a miracle sent down from above, Gary Zerola accomplished what previous lawyers said was impossible.” I was charged with felony counts of murder in cocaine in a 12 co-defendant gang related murder case and the DA wanted to send me to state prison for ever it seemed. My life was falling apart around me and my court appointed lawyer told me staying out of state prison for 15 years and/or earning a reduced charge concession would never happen. Enter Attorney Gary Zerola. Gary took over my case and two years later, most of my co-defendants started getting convicted and the rest started asking for and taking deals. The Da was trying to get some to testify against me. Gary remained calm and told me to trust him and to stay the course. In the middle of picking a jury for the jury trial, Gary negotiated a resolution that included a plea to a lesser sentence and credit for the time I was already held, I would be home in what seemed like no time at all! My last attorneys told me it would take a miracle sent down from above to keep me out of a lifetime prison sentence. Gary Zerola was that miracle and I will always be grateful for his dedication, determination, intelligence, strength and maybe most of all, his loyalty. Gary Zerola saved my life and I will forever be grateful.
- JC

Gary Zerola will give you an unprecedented level of attention, care, and legal savvy. Facing criminal charges is terrifying and Gary is the rare attorney that understands the personal toll the process can take. He’ll win your case, or even better, get it dismissed, all the while making you feel like part of his family, and to be sure, by the end of this ordeal, you will want Gary to be part of yours. Gary is the man you want in your corner for both legal and moral support.
- Jimmy L.

As a nurse, and having never faced any kind of criminal charges, I was at a loss finding an attorney to help with a serious driving charge which could end my career. I called org after org for references, I asked my estate planner, my finance lawyer… nothing. Not one of them had any suggestions for me with whom they had a personal knowledge. Then my girlfriend who’s a veterinarian asked a police officer she knew and he said to give a call to Gary Zerola. I checked out his website first and just knew almost immediately he would be the person I trusted with my life. Meeting him in person, Gary is full of compassion and humanity plus he clearly has the strength to battle and win! Meeting him was even just so much better. Immediately I knew Gary cares about the law, about winning, he cares about knowing the courts and the system and how it works, but more than anything, he cares about people. Gary is the kind of guy you connect with immediately. He’s like the brother I never had…. the brother with a expert criminal law background of course.
- Brandon

Gary’s preparation and determination saved my life and quite possibly, my career in social work. As a graduate of a university focusing on Social Work, and being registered in the state of Massachusetts as a LICSW, I had a tremendous amount at stake. Gary’s understanding of addiction and mental health issues enabled him to reach a creative and unexpected resolution of my case.  After threatening to commit suicide, and computer crimes I stumbled in to, I was charged with both misdemeanors and serious felonies that mandated state prison. I was accused many things which were true but for reasons precipitated by my mental health and addition issues. When my head was clear again, I was horrified by my own actions and needed help. My parents hired Gary based on his reputation and experience and the recommendation of a family friend after first giving money to a lawyer that did nothing for me. At the first hearing when he appeared for me, Gary’s prepared motions and cross-examination of the state’s witnesses positioned us to get the best result possible. Gary declined all early offers and met with a Supervising DA who better understood the mental health issues and stress factors involved. I ended up with no convictions, probation, 90 days in rehab and mental health evaluation and treatment I so needed. My case will be dismissed in 18 months. Gary was patient, creative and he kept his word to my family. Gary started out and remained amazing throughout the process and was always accessible to myself and my parents and always willing to talk. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel and would recommend him without hesitation.
- Jason Y.

Attorney Gary Zerola was hired to represent my son in a case where he was profiled, stopped and detained! Being unfamiliar with Massachusetts law and not knowing a any lawyers a friend gave us Gary’s cell number and he answered so we gave Attorney Zerola a try… He and his associates were the best choice we could have made! Not only did Gary, (as he insisted on me calling him) devote countless hours to investigating the details of the case, he was very knowledgeable about the law and how it pertained to my son’s innocence. Without Attorney Zerola, my son would currently be in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections; but because of his dedication and passion to TRUTHFULLY represent his client, my son’s case was dismissed! Prayerfully if you are reading this, you don’t need an attorney and you’re just researching the character of a truly outstanding man – Gary Zerola. However, if you are in need of an outstanding caring dedicated and hard-working individual for legal representation; you have found your guy! You will not be disappointed with his service to you! If I had to describe Attorney Gary Zerola with one word; it would be HEARTFELT! If I had to tell you how he made me feel; I would say “LIKE FAMILY!”
- Carl D.

Gary is the great professional!!. He got my domestic violence case dismissed. If you are looking for best defense lawyer in Massachusetts, Gary Zerola of Boston is the one. Very friendly, humble and helpful. His is truly top notch. Gary took my calls even after standard office time and he was ready to help any questions I had. I highly recommend this lawyer to anyone who needs help in the worst of times!!
- Tyler D.

As a legal secretary who has been in the law world for over 20 years, Gay Zerola is as good as it gets in terms of representation. I found myself in a situation and was recommended to use Gary by a former client. She raved about how great he was in the courtroom and staying on top of and following up with you about your case. I have to say I was not at all disappointed. He carried himself really well in front of the judge and seemed to be well-liked by everyone in the building. Gary always kept me abreast of what was going on in my case. The outcome was better than I could have expected and he made me feel like a human being during the whole process. These things tend to make one feel terrible about oneself. Mistakes happen and God forbid I ever have another situation come up in my life, but if I do I will be reaching out to Gary Zerola for representation and I plan to recommend him to anyone looking for a great attorney.
- Lauren.

Gary Zerola did it again he save me a second time from going to jail. I highly recommend u choose him to take ur case he is a beast when it comes to criminal defense…
- Edward T.

Gary did an amazing job getting a criminal charges situation resolved for me. His established relationships with those on the other side and his obvious understanding of the law were strong enough to resolve my situation in a way that makes it easy for me to never have to worry again about what was the worst decision of my life.
- John

It was a sunny day in Salem, Massachusetts when detectives came to my house and questioned me about an alleged assault. I had never in my life been part of any crime or been questioned by the police let alone detectives. They basically bullied me into speaking to them. Anxiety, depression and confusion set in. I interviewed many lawyers until a friend recommended Gary Zerola, he was calm, cool and honest and talked to me as a friend, I tried to hire him on the spot. He told me to wait and speak to others lawyers. I already had I told him and they all wanted my money right away!! But not Gary. I insisted and he said wait until tomorrow there was no rush. At just about 7 am the next day I called him and told him again I wanted to hire him. He couldn’t stop laughing, but I was serious. Gary was the man for me. After I hired him, he was available 24/7 – literally – and his answering service always took my calls and got him messages when he was in court, or sleeping. He called me soon as he got the messages, sometimes at 1 am. Gary was always around in short order to help me with any questions. He was always only a call or text message away. Gary is professional and the team he worked seemingly worked around the clock to clear my name of any wrong doing. He was in touch with the detectives and the assistant district attorney and the case was never filed, no charges, no arrest and no criminal record! If the cops come knocking, ask for a lawyer. If you want someone fighting for you when the whole world goes dark and seems against you, make no mistake, Gary Zerola is your guy! Boston’s best defense lawyer, hands down.
- Anonymous

Gary Zerola is a rare find and the best lawyer in Boston. Unlike so many attorneys who only see dollar signs when talking to you or trying to get your business, Gary relates to you as a human being who may have made a mistake. Gary is understanding, compassionate and committed to helping his clients in any way that he can. He`s also got a great sense of humor and a really, really big heart, which can really help in times like these. I can`t recommend him enough!
- Alex

Gary Zerola is an excellent attorney. He is a smart, professional and dedicated. He always had our best interest on his mind and not just after a quick dollar. He actually didn’t charge me the last payment because he didn’t have to do as much work as he anticipated. I believe he knows it was because I am a single mom (like a few of his many sisters, I think he has 7 sisters!!!) and it was right before Christmas. I wouldn’t want to ruin his image as a tough-as-nails lawyer, but let’s just say he has a heart too. Gary Zerola is not only highly recommended, by me, he is my only recommendation!
- Christina S.

There are thousands of defense lawyers in Boston.

Finding one who is highly skilled, hard-working and passionate about defending you is like finding a needle in a haystack. And with the added pressure of needing to find that needle ‘RIGHT NOW’, the task can seem daunting and insurmountable.

I’ve been through the ringer on several occasions, and wish I could have had Gary Zerola on my side through every single one of them. Gary is sincere and a world-class attorney, and a genuinely Gary is a great guy.

When I met Gary, I was facing serious felony charges–one of which came with a mandatory 5-year minimum state prison sentence and another with a maximum 15 year sentence.

Where other lawyers told me to give up and accept the fate the courts and cops had set out for me, Gary Zerola–who saw that I was sincere in my desire to make right on past wrongs–convinced me to dig in and fight.

I never served a day of that ‘minimum state prison sentence’. Instead, I was given probation–and an opportunity to change and grow as a person.

I am happy to report that I have made a number of positive changes in my life and have not been in any legal trouble since. Gary even wrote me a letter of recommendation for a job and later on for college. With Gary’s help, I even got off probation early, and for the first time in a long time I truly feel free.

Gary Zerola did for me what other attorneys couldn’t do. He is a man’s man and a giant in character. He didn’t just want to win my criminal case, he wanted me to get a job, get an education and yes, Gary wanted me to succeed in life. Gary once told me if I could focused my time and effort on a legitimate and legal business, the only thing I would have to worry about would be paying taxes! He was right.

In my opinion, he’s not just the ‘right’ guy for the job. He’s the only one.

If you’re on the fence, do yourself a favor and talk to him. He’s sincere, hard-working and honest–and if you believe any of the clichés about lawyers, you’ll know that puts him far and above all of the rest.
- Dan C.

I am a graduate student who has been building up a promising career. My future was in jeopardy after an altercation that ended up in arrest and criminal charges. Gary Zerola saved my future and years of hard work by being the most intelligent and caring lawyer I have ever met. He was supportive, logical, and calm throughout the most frightening series of events in my life. Without Gary, I would not have a chance to pursue higher education in the form of Masters, PhD, medical, or a dental degree. I have a second chance at life because of Gary, and words cannot describe the gratitude I feel. I highly recommend Attorney Gary Zerola.
- Greg C.

As parents, we had a personal crisis that required a criminal law expert. Gary came highly recommended from an insurance lawyer now, who is a close friend but a former prosecutor, and understood the kind of help we needed.

Gary and I spoke and he immediately grasped the situation. From the outset he was kind, attentive, patient, demonstrated a thorough understanding of our situation and had advice on how to handle our case. He was also available 24/7 and although we didn’t abuse the privilege too often, we did call on off hours and he always answered or got right back to us.

In court, he was a consummate pro. He demonstrated an understanding of the system and had a way of dealing with the court officials that got them on our side and led to a successful outcome. The ending was good because of Gary Zerola.

I recommend him highly.

- Anonymous

I am so, so lucky to have found Mr. Gary Zerola to represent me in my case.

I was a college student back then and I was busy with school and work, so I was definitely worried about my case and how I would deal with it and what I have to do and etc etc. Mr. Zerola alleviated my worries and gave me assurance that this stuff happens and that he would try his best to make things better. I found Mr. Zerola just by researching and reading his reviews so I am giving in my own input, in hopes to convince YOU that Mr. Zerola is an excellent lawyer!!!

Right away, he told me what I needed to know, what he was going to do on his part, and what I had to do (not much). Throughout the process, I felt like I was bothering him because he is so busy and all, but he always responded and gave me clear updates. I felt confident knowing that he was doing everything he could to talk to people and give me the best possible outcome. After only a couple months, he really did give me the most reasonable outcome, and I am pleased with that. I really couldn’t have done it without him, so I am truly thankful.
- Jessica R.

My husband was pulled over and given a OUI for prescription medication for making a moving violation due to what was actually a medical diagnosis. Gary Zerola made every effort on our behalf to defend my husband and ultimately were able to get the entire case dismissed. We are so grateful for the prompt response, immediate assistance and guidance Gary provided us and cannot thank him enough for his relentless work in ensuring a dismissal. In six months, we barely had to lift a finger and were provided regular and ongoing updates as needed. We only had to appear in court twice before Gary got the case dismissed. It was the most distressing experience for my husband to get this untenable violation, however, Gary did a superior job of defending my husband and making us feel we were in the most secure hands. We are so pleased with their hard work in ensuring the prosecution drop the case and provided the needed justice we felt my husband deserved.
- Nick G

Best lawyer in the city of Boston and Massachusetts for that matter. Gary has always been completely honest with my cases all of them, and the possible outcome etc. If you ever in need of criminal defense this is the lawyer to call 100%
- Sean G.

Gary is by far the best attorney I have ever met. I had two previous attorneys that were not only ineffective but failed to follow through with exhausting all options that they had originally promised in order to clear my name for charges that I was not guilty of. After spending thousands of dollars with no positive outcome and endless appearances in court, I was left with an utter loss of hope and faith not only in the legal system but in attorneys in general. Gary completely turned my experience around. He is not only an outstanding and effective attorney that was able to propose the best option to get my case dismissed but he is an amazingly caring and respectable human being. He is in the business of genuinely helping those in need to the best of his professional and personal ability. I can’t thank him enough for his help and professional compassion. I highly recommend him!

I am a Lucky Duck

Attorney Gary Zerola is very professional! I had a bad situation occur and he helped put me at ease and got my matter handled with no fuss. Would definitely recommend!!!

- Nadia B

After receiving my second OUI with a BAC, and driving on a suspended license, I was terrified of how I was going to handle my case moving forward. Then I met Gary Zerola in his Boston office. Found out he was a former prosecutor in the same county that was prosecuting me! Meeting Gary almost instantly makes you felt at ease. His confidence in his ability to handle my case paired with his extensive knowledge and reputation put my mind at ease and I felt assurance that I was in great hands. He kept me informed and up to date throughout the entire process, and was realistic with me from the beginning in regards to all possible outcomes, both good and bad. In the end, we walked away with a reckless driving conviction and he got the drunk driving charge and suspended license charges completely dropped. I was both shocked and overjoyed by this outcome as I truly did not expect him to be able to either charge dropped, let alone BOTH. I am really happy in my choice to work with Gary. He is they type of guy you would 100% work with again but you hope you never have to. He isn’t cheap but darn don’t the result speak for themselves. If you are looking for someone you can trust to be attentive to your case and take great care of you, Gary Zerola is your guy!!
- K.M.

This guys is the real deal!! I advise anyone to get Gary and his staff.. I have one word to say! STELLAR! !!!!!
- Beatrice
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