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Gary Zerola
Aggressive Criminal Defense - Never Stand Alone

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What to consider when choosing an attorney:
When you are charged with a crime, the defense attorney you select makes all the difference. Attorney Zerola concentrates on Criminal Defense and select serious Personal Injury cases. He is experienced, educated and relentless. These qualities make him a highly sought after attorney who brings success to his clients.

Great communication skills – Gary Zerola really listens to you, and communicates with you on each aspect of your case. His negotiation skills are impeccable. His ability to bring juries to a favorable result is well known.

Knowledge – Gary Zerola stays current on new developments in the law. He is meticulous in his study of the law and legal trends.

Logic & Intuition- Gary Zerola is a logical thinker, but also keenly intuitive. These traits, combined with impeccable analytical skills allow him to analyze every fact and every nuance in his clients’ cases to achieve the best result.

Experience – Gary Zerola has handled many cases, over many years, dealing with many personalities. He has obtained Not Guilty verdicts in everything from OUI, Drug Trafficking, Rape, Robbery, and 1st Degree Murder.

Relationships – Gary Zerola never underestimates the value of having cordial relationships with people in the criminal justice system. Your case needs all the help it can get.  Gary has spent his entire life building relationships in Greater Boston, where is he is a highly regarded Criminal Defense Attorney.

Credibility – Gary Zerola is reputed for his preparedness and toughness, and has the respect of personnel throughout the court system.

Concern – Gary Zerola cares and takes personally each client’s difficulties and the impact those problems have upon your professional, personal and financial life. He familiarizes himself with you to understand what’s important to you, and your goals.

Works fast for your case – Gary Zerola knows time is of the essence when you have an open criminal matter. He knows you want to close your case as soon as practicable, especially if you are incarcerated. Gary is an attorney who knows how to keep things moving forward.

Aggressiveness – Gary Zerola is a resolute attorney who doesn’t back down. He will be relentless in your defense. His perseverance is legendary, as is his passion for the law.
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